Banned Items

We request you to provide the full and complete address of the consignee including the land mark, the telephone no & Pin codes to enable us to effect prompt delivery of your consignment. We request you to type or write clearly the address of the shipper and the consignee on the same space of the document.

We request you to type the consignees address bigger than the shipper's address. The consignees address may please be prominently displayed on the center of the document. The shippers address may please be displayed at the bottom left corner of the document in small characters.

our motto is to effect speedy delivery of your consignment. Help us to Help you.


The following are the banned articles :




 Explosive Materials

 Currency & Jewellery

 Liquids & Semi Liquids


 Corrosive Materials

 Poisonous Articles

 Radioactive Materials

 Indian Postal Articles

 Solid & liquid chemicals

 Pressurised cylinder or bottles

 Precious & Semi-Precious Articles

 Food and Food Products containing liquids

 Toxic gases and compressed air of gas appliances

 All such commodities banned by Law from time to time

 Substances liable to heating or catching fire under normal conditions experienced in transportations